resourcesI have provided some resources that I have found useful and hope you will as well. Take time to look around.

Suggested Reading offers just a few of the materials that I have enjoyed and often refer to in my counseling and coaching with clients.

Wellness Resources offers links to general information on a variety of topics as well as some resources that support a wholesome lifestyle and for the curious and exploring minds.

Lending Library is a collection of Books, CD’s and DVD’s that I have received wonderful benefits from that are available for loaning to clients or associates.

Stones for the Path is current and archived “Stones” that are components for building your path.

Giving Back invites you to enjoy the gift of giving, providing a list of organization worthy of consideration.

TIP Sheets is the future home of mini articles and guides that provide quick reference and helpful information and information that support a healthy, abundant, and authentic life.

PDF’s is where you will find all the downloadable things on this site.

Archives is the storage for past articles found on this site.

The links provided by Envision Integrative are for general information only. The links provided are done so as a matter of convenience and do not necessarily represent beliefs. The content is not intended in any way to be a substitute for consultation with your professional health care provider. Please refer to Terms of Use on this site for further explanation.