stones for the path

stones for the pathI invite you to take a journey with me through this metaphor that will unfold in a rich source of words, symbolism and imagery that will get you out of your head, opening your imagination to see life in a transformative way and reveal solutions that may have been illusive by rational thought...

With each stone found along the path deeper insight gives way to living authentically. It is through discovery of the possibilities of our lives, through a soulful pursuit that we live our personal truth.

The process is not always logical or linear. The decisions we make not only create the path by laying stones down but also reveal the possibilities of things to come by illuminating stones of wisdom and possibilities that are then integrated into the path.

The path has no preset destination. Think of it as a circle spiraling out stone by stone laying the path allowing connection to all parts of self. It starts with desire for discovery — real or imagined. Stepping onto the path necessitates keeping our eyes open. It requires taking a risk and making the decision to begin. So step onto the path and begin generating intuitive thought.

To begin the path, let’s start with Love. It spirals out from the core of our being. It is the center stone of our existence. It touches our lives in every way. It is the most exhilarating of all emotions and so I will use it to build upon other stones for the path. Deepak Chopra identifies stages of love or “Laws”. So in speaking of them here we can recognize them as aspects of Love that can be incorporated into the path stone by stone. Among them is Authenticity that is born from attraction; for it is being natural or “authentic” that creates attraction. Communion is another that requires a sharing of our spirit and connecting with soul. Surrender is evidenced in non-attachment when we relinquish the ego that creates separation. Passion is experienced when we experience a higher reality of both the feminine and masculine of our own being. It is this passion that is our life’s essence. Finally there is Ecstasy that Chopra describes as grace that creates intimacy with Spirit that flows through love and spills over to others.

How do you love authentically? How do you commune with others? How does your life reflect passion? How does grace flow? What facets of these stones have you discovered on your path?