Each of us has within us the desire to heal, grow, and transform. Sometimes we lose our way and need another being to hold the space for us where we can feel accepted and valued as we are giving us opportunity and courage to transcend.

Good Counseling

Good counseling recognizes that the individual is greater than the problem. Individuals can grow, heal, and transform. It is a process that is not exempt of problems or issues that works through problems. Good Counseling is the sum of internal and external process, occurring because of the imperfect therapeutic process; and it leads toward self-awareness. Therapy is collaborative. The therapeutic relationship is based on trust, honesty, and respect. A therapist embodies calm, curiosity, compassion, creativity, confidence, courage, connectedness, and clarity. It is the coachingconnection between therapist and client that provides the foundation for change. It also requires a commitment of time, energy, and active participation by everyone involved. It may also involve activities associated with the counseling process during and between sessions.

The goal is to work through the distress and create a happy satisfying life and promoting awareness and acceptance of self and be able to negotiate what life hands us.

My approach to therapy is to host conversations that bring meaning and solutions. My intent is to meet you were you are and work from that point. This involves talking about emotional experiences that are of concern to you. Therapy is not a linear process so progress can be a bit unpredictable. There will be times when you feel angry, frustrated, depressed, and hopeful. In other words, there will be mixed feelings but have confidence that this is temporary and is part of the therapy process. Be assured that we will be working toward the goals you have identified.

While the primary technique we will be using is conversation, I believe that effective therapy also requires active participation so I will often suggest assignments between sessions to support the change process. I also believe that creativity is a portal to discovery of our authenticity so we may find that it will be helpful to supplement the process with additional creative processes such as writing/journaling, drawing, guided imagery, etc. to access healing that may not be accessible through conversing.

I am fairly engaged in therapy. I ask questions, offer observations, and look at patterns in your life. I use different approaches and often use Motivational Interviewing as a non-judgmental and non-confrontational style/approach to work through difficult conversations and resistance helping clients think differently about behaviors and consider what might be gained by change. I will however greatly rely on you to set the direction and progress, as I believe that you are the expert on you. I trust the healing process so together we will work to that end.

Good Coaching
Coaching is different from therapy in that it is a partnership between the client and the coach. Attention is given to the day-to-day issues focusing coachingon where you want to go in your life. Coaching can bring a fresh perspective to your situation, helping you achieve your dreams and abandon detrimental habits and practices. We will work together collaborating and empowering you to excel finding fulfillment and live your life’s purpose.

Good coaching is co-active, meaning that it recognizes that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. We work together to elicit the skills and creativity you already possess, cultivate new discoveries, awareness, and discover new choices that are available to you. It consists of conversations that are based on respect, openness, compassion, and empathy.

Coaching helps you address the areas where you are stuck or frustrated, look at new possibilities, and see new ways of action. The process is to empower you to find your own answers with encouragement and support in the path to achieving your goals. Coaching can help you smooth transitions through bumpy stages in your life, re-evaluate life goals, achieve a sense of balance, guidance in making difficult decisions, pointers and prioritizing, recognizing and optimizing your core strengths, simplify your life for greater enjoyment and less stress, increase sense of control and improve aptitude for time management.

Whether you choose counseling or coaching

coachingThe opportunity can offer a fresh perspective on life, create awareness, and discover new tools to use in facing new challenges. It serves as a guide to move through and past the struggles by acquiring new skills to manage life challenges and changes. It can help you achieve long-term improvements with lasting results.

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