I have experience working with Military Service Members and their families. I am aware of the many stressors that service members encounter and I can provide support for a range of issues to empower individuals, strengthen relationships, increase family competency, and confidence in handling the stressors that affect the military lifestyle. Individuals and those in relationships both experience a tremendous amount of stress especially during deployment and reintegration.

Service members have an added measure of stress in their lives as members of the armed forces. Your service often requires you to go beyond the usual day to day routines that civilians experience; there are extended work schedules, TDY’s and deployments that take you away from home, and PCS’s that requires you to move and transition to a new duty station. Whether you are a single person or married these experiences can take a toll on relationships and our well-being. Family members experience these added stressors as well but in a different way and so it is important to offer support to them as well.

I can help you increase your resilience by understanding the
emotional cycle of deployment and how to prepare for deployment and reintegration.



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